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What's making the spa industry headlines

Rosewood’s Asaya concept set for rollout


Defined as an integrative wellness philosophy ‘rooted in self-acceptance and self-discovery,’ Hong Kong-based Rosewood Hotels & Resorts has unveiled a new wellness concept, Asaya, to be rolled out from April 2017.

The holistic programme combines complementary therapies, healing treatments, fitness activities and nutrition coaching, starting with wellness workshops upon the guest’s arrival.

To provide an exclusive, yet social experience Asaya also introduces signature suites and villas for private use by small groups of friends with dedicated treatment areas and hydrotherapy zones.

Niamh O’Connell, Rosewood’s group vice-president of guest experience and wellness, says Asaya’s individualised programmes aim to help guests find a way to disconnect from technology and reclaim a sense of their personal space. “We recognise that guests are seeking the opportunity to rebalance, however, while people have the desire the ‘how to’ is not so clear cut,” she explains. “Asaya is designed to support these individuals in recognising opportunities that will enhance their wellbeing.”

The Asaya experience offers activities ranging from yoga and Tai Chi to boxing and bootcamps, while a partnership with Technogym fitness centres provides hi-tech indoor exercise opportunities. The brand’s educational programmes will also see visiting experts, local practitioners and Asaya professionals share knowledge to enable guests to continue their wellness journey beyond the environment.

Six Senses unveils innovative sleep programme


It is widely acknowledged that humans should ideally spend at least one third of their life sleeping. However, according to Six Senses, even those getting an optimal amount of sleep may not be experiencing the required quality.

To address this situation, the global hospitality brand has worked with international sleep expert Dr Michael J. Breus to create Sleep with Six Senses. The new programme includes use of the Aura Sleep Tracker App, data from which is reviewed by a Six Senses integrated wellness practitioner during a 30-minute guest consultation. Based on the results, a personalised regime of spa treatments and activities can be recommended to help improve sleep.

“The Six Senses sleep programme is perhaps the most advanced in the hospitality industry to date, bringing in some of the best experts in the world,” says Anna Bjurstam, vice-president of Six Senses Spas. “It is the first wellness programme on a large scale that is not taking place within the spa and fitness areas, but in the guest rooms.”

Sleep with Six Senses starts with a pre-arrival online questionnaire that enables ‘sleep ambassadors’, who have completed a training programme created under the leadership and guidance of Dr Breus, to understand the guest’s relationship with sleep in order to prepare key tools and tips for improvement.

The ambassadors, available on call each day to support sleeping needs, can fine-tune guest bedrooms for optimum sleep conditions with handmade mattresses and organic bedding that features natural breathing and cooling zones.

Zanna Van Dijk has a Strong following


Instagram influencer Zanna Van Dijk, who has an active 150,000-fan following, has launched a book, entitled Strong, to inspire women and girls to lead healthier lives without resorting to fad diets.

“I love talking with my followers online every day about fitness,” says Van Dijk. “But I want to remind them that being in great shape doesn’t mean depriving themselves or running their body into the ground. This book is all about balance – it’s designed to provide practical tools and motivate new thinking.”

The London-based personal trainer, also co-creator of the GirlGains community, details effective exercise routines, including a guide to lifting weights – currently a leading trend for women – and shares her passion for food with an achievable approach to eating well. Naturally, all of this is also available to download.

Kata rocks new hi-tech rituals


Infinite Luxury Spa (IL Spa) at Phuket’s Kata Rocks resort is the first in Thailand to provide hi-tech nap pods and sensory water massage beds. The new installations complement the spa’s eight treatment suites, which blend ‘beyond organic’ British brand ila and IL Spa’s own Me Time philosophy to create bespoke rituals.

“We believe technology can be combined with traditional therapies to advance the holistic spa experience,” says general manager Scot Toon. “Investing in the latest Italian-made ISO-Benessere water massage beds and MetroNaps EnergyPods was crucial to the creation of our personalised treatments as it gives IL Spa a highly flexible product offering.

“The sensory water beds provide excellent body support, temperature control and chromotherapy during treatments, especially with our Kundalini Ritual; a nurturing massage that uses chakra and sound healing to activate and channel the Kundalini dormant energy at the base of the spine.” | |

South Kensington Club’s 360° plan


To boost the health, nutrition and mindfulness of its members, London’s South Kensington Club has launched a new 360° wellness approach that provides a spectrum of services including treatment rituals from [comfort zone].

“Following a 45-minute consultation, members are presented with a tailored programme, which is then put into action and fully supported by our experienced personal trainers, performance coaches and physical therapists,” says wellness manager, Kalista Badenhorst.

Facilities at the private members’ club include a sky-lit gym, fitness studios, a saltwater Watsu pool and a traditional bathhouse with a hammam and banya. These holistic spaces work in harmony with a wellness menu that features [comfort zone] treatment rituals for men and women, including its Sacred Nature organic range.

Amanoi unveils flagship spa houses


Furthering the brand’s commitment to wellness connection, Aman has unveiled its first Spa Houses at Amanoi, the company’s meditative outpost in Núi Chúa National Park, in which guests are guided through a bespoke programme of treatments, nutrition, exercise and healing therapies.

“This is a milestone for Amanoi,” says Nichola Roche, group director of spa for Aman, which has a 31-strong portfolio of hotels and resorts located across the globe. “The Spa House concept presents a new experiential space with private facilities and two specialist therapists who consult with guests on a daily basis, overseeing every detail of their immersion to ensure a very personalised offering.”

Each spa house has a double treatment room, a steam room, an ice fountain, a cold plunge pool and an outdoor infinity pool with either a hammam or banya thermal facilities.

To coincide with the Spa House launch, Amanoi has also introduced three individual wellness packages, entitled: Eastern Approaches to Weight Management; Movement, Mindfulness & Stress Control; and Longevity, Rejuvenation & Detoxification.

“The carefully calibrated, three-to-ten-day programmes aim to gently steer participants on a new path, enabling them to reach personal goals so they leave feeling happier and healthier with a renewed outlook on their wellbeing,” says Roche.

Listening to the sound of silence


Thermal wellness resort operator Vamed Vitality World has invested €14m (£12m) in a stand-alone Silent Spa development, which opened earlier this year.

The 3,600sqm spa addition to Therme Laa, located in the Weinviertel region of Austria, will offer guests quiet spaces and time for silent contemplation.

“We recognise that guests’ interests are changing and that special architecture creating unique surroundings are becoming more important,” explains general manager Florian Perteneder. “We have focused on a totally new offering with five-star service quality.”

Conceptualised with architect Wolfgang Vaneck, who was inspired by elements of sacred architecture, the Silent Spa’s centrepiece tower with four ellipses provides an atmospheric walkin water landscape with a three-storey cascade fountain. Each ellipse has different relaxation and recuperation facilities including a saltwater pool, a salt chamber, spa suites and a steam bath. The building also has a 400sqm sauna area with special infusion ceremonies and 100sqm of treatment space.

While speaking is not forbidden throughout the spa, those who wish to remain silent during their stay can use the services of spa butlers who will communicate on their behalf. In addition, a more high-tech form of distraction is offered with the intention of allowing guests to shut off from their surroundings and enjoy their own company.

“Guests are issued with a Samsung Galaxy tablet containing SuitePad software from Germany, which gives access to more than 200 magazines and newspapers, music and films,” reveals Perteneder. “It also enables them to arrange treatments, order refreshments and offer feedback.” |

Ring for the 'beditation' butler


Dukes London is addressing the so-called ‘beditation’ trend – a watchword for free-thinking relaxation practices before or after sleep to improve clarity of mind – with its new bedtime service.

The add-on package, available for guests staying in its Duchess rooms, provides in-room podcasts and playlists with tips on calm breathing exercises and meditation guidance.

These combine with the signature scent of Dukes’ Floris London Hyacinth & Bluebell candle, herbal teas and Floris bath essences.

“We aim to equip guests with all the tools they need to go from feeling frantic and frazzled to calm and composed,” says Debrah Dhugga, managing director of the Dukes Collection. “Our new mindful room service with a dedicated ‘beditation’ butler is a London first, designed to help guests feel happier, calmer and ready to face business meetings or enjoy the city from a fresher perspective.”

Puente Romano is a fit with 38 Degrees North


Marbella’s Puente Romano resort, in conjunction with its Six Senses spa, has initiated its first wellness season in collaboration with leading fitness provider 38 Degrees North.

Together with five-and seven-day programmes for mind-body connection through Sleep-centric, Detoxing and Integrated Wellness packages, the new collaboration will provide five-star holistic retreats for weight loss and wellbeing journeys at the resort.

“We are proud to offer our guests world-class fitness and collaborations like this to ensure every element of wellness is being offered,” says hotel general manager Jorge Manzur.

Es Saadi moves Marrakech to another level


The award-winning Es Saadi Resort has unveiled a new range of wellness experiences to enhance its 3,000sqm Palace Spa.

Built around a 100-year-old eucalyptus tree (pictured) and set over three floors, the spa has introduced a new spa suite as well as hydrotherapy four-hand treatments, a new gut massage and a selection of cleansing and relaxing spa therapies.

Palace Spa also offers organic slow-food gastronomy and yoga retreats in partnership with the exclusive Le Tigre Yoga Club of Paris.

“In order to really take wellness to the next level, we have focused on cross-offering packages, from specific spa treatments to slow cuisine and international visiting yoga practitioners,” says Caroline Bauchet-Bouhlal, group development director.

“Our world-class Dior Institute, the only one outside of France, provides glamorous and efficient anti-ageing Dior treatments alongside our diverse range of new activities, fitness, health and spa retreats, to ensure Es Saadi remains a magnet for luxury spa aficionados,” she adds.

Choose from rest, engagement and cultivation on St. Barts


Le Guanahani, located on the island of Saint-Barthélemy, is celebrating its 30th anniversary with the culmination of a four-year, £33 million renovation and the launch of three new wellness packages entitled Rest, Engage and Cultivate.

Its Spa My Blend by Clarins has also introduced eight new Body Bliss treatments, each customised for the five-star resort by botanist Nick James in conjunction with specialists in the fields of massage, bodywork, aromatherapy, colour therapy, teaching and design.

The spa, which recommends guests begin their stay with a private coaching session to establish wellness intentions, is the only property in the Caribbean to offer Spa My Blend by Clarins.

Personal approach at Palace Wellness


Palace Wellness Spa at Badrutt’s Palace Hotel, in St Moritz, one of the most luxurious and natural spas in the Swiss Alps, is preparing to launch four wellness programmes directed by the hotel’s newly appointed wellness coach, Vinod Kumar.

The seven-day itineraries of ten personalised sessions include: Stress Management, with therapeutic massage and Ayurvedic treatments such as Shirodhara; Balancing the Energy Flow, which focuses on achieving equilibrium in the body’s energy channels; Releasing Physical and Emotional Pain, with yoga and energising massages; and A Journey to Self Love, teaching self-guided meditation and self-massage techniques.

“Our guests will learn how to meditate and use the practice of specific yoga techniques to manage their wellbeing and prevent the onset of disease,” says Martha Wiedemann, associate director of Palace Wellness. “The treatments offered within the programme are designed to support the process to give results in seven days.”

A wellness brainwave at Corinthia


Corinthia London has announced a year-long neuroscientist-in-residence programme in collaboration with leadership coach Dr Tara Swart, an award-winning author and senior lecturer at MIT.

Developing concepts that encourage mindfulness, balance and positivity, Brain Power Packages will focus on neuro-nutrition, restorative sleep, hydration and exercise – further cementing ESPA Life at Corinthia as a leader in its field.

“This programme will be the first of its kind and ESPA Life at Corinthia is the ideal host for such a ground-breaking offer,” explains Dr Swart.

“There is a strong connection between the brain and the body, and the spa element of the programme will encourage guests to reduce their stress hormone levels. Combined with the brain foods and ‘mocktails’ I have designed, as well as quality sleep courtesy of the hotel’s in-room programme, this will help to build mental resilience and ultimately enable peak brain performance.”

Miraggio Cleanse Retreat has a personal touch


The five-star Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort in Halkidiki has partnered with nutritionist Amanda Hamilton to unveil a new 5-Day Cleanse Retreat.

The bespoke journey not only offers guests dietary expertise as well as the benefits of its Myrthia Thermal Spa, which overlooks the Aegean Sea, but also provides a three-month post-retreat follow-up plan for guests once they leave.

Rooted in the belief that personalisation is the key to wellness, bespoke programmes are designed for guests following one-to-one consultations, and participants are provided with healthy menu options and activities that work to effectively eliminate toxins, rejuvenate the spirit and clear the mind.

With a focus on juice cleansing, the retreat incorporates two hours of daily detox exercise along with Thalasso spa treatments, nutritional guidance and massage therapy.

Ti Sana cooks up a ‘healthatarian’ diet philosophy


Further progressing its original, science-based approach to wellness and diet, Italian detox retreat and spa Ti Sana has developed a new ‘healthatarian’ menu to enhance the effects of its renowned wellness programmes.

“The most important part of designing this menu was to calculate and distribute the food in line with the physiological needs of the body throughout five meals,” says Ti Sana vice-president Mario Sela.

Customised to each guest, the menu is rich in micro-nutrients and enzymes, and maintains the macro traits of Ti Sana’s ‘healthatarian’ philosophy, aiding circadian rhythms with its low-salt, hypocaloric, alkalising and organic properties.








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