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Dreaming of perfection with Voya



A good night’s sleep is essential to wellbeing and achieving inner balance, so to aid the relaxation of both body and mind, organic skincare expert Voya has introduced Mindful Dreams.

Aimed at calming the mind and reducing stress, the new treatment combines a series of wellness and massage techniques to ease strains and tensions in the body.

“We wanted to develop a treatment that helped to calm the mind, release stress and promote a good night’s sleep,” says Kira Walton, co-founder of Voya. “Sleep is essential for physical and emotional health and wellbeing, and our Mindful Dreams treatment offers complete tranquility and the easing away of stress and tension.”

The treatment features the brand’s therapeutic Tranquil range of products and includes an luxurious full body massage that utilises Balinese and Hawaiian techniques to exert rhythmic, powerful and flowing movements over the entire body. Calming and soothing, the ritual is said to help nurture inner mindfulness and serenity, contributing to restful and rejuvenating sleep patterns.

Elemis Life Elixirs



Incorporating a potent blend of modern aromatics, Life Elixirs from Elemis is a selection of premium bath and shower elixirs, perfumed rollerballs and therapeutic candles that aim to soothe and calm, or boost and motivate the mind, body and soul. Five different scents, created by the brand’s co-founder Noella Gabriel, feature a concentrated blend of base oils carefully combined with up to 19 powerful essential oils to maximise skin health and boost clients’ mood in an instant.

The bespoke blends include ‘Clarity’, which is formulated with uplifting bitter orange, refreshing cardamom and warming ginger that work together to sharpen the mind and focus concentration. ‘Embrace’ empowers the spirit with a life-enhancing combination of warming vetiver, sweet frankincense and potent rose pepper, while ‘Fortitude’ gives a boost of inner strength with ylang ylang, cedarwood and geranium to restore confidence.

‘Calm’ is a soothing blend of aromatics including rosewood and clary sage to calm, with lavandin to help clients unwind and relax. Finally, ‘Sleep’ blends patchouli, palmarosa and elemi to encourage relaxation.

Each of the combinations are brought to life in the new product lines which feature Bath and Shower Elixirs as well as Perfume Oil Roller Balls, which are formulated to absorb quickly and last throughout the day.

The five blends also star in the Life Elixirs range of Therapeutic Candles. Blended with natural extracts and essential oils, the elegant candles fill the room with a gorgeous scent, engaging the senses and affecting the mood. The range will be boosted later this year with the launch of three High-Oil Shower Creams.

Cleanse and condition with Mii



Mii Cosmetics’ Cleanse & Condition Brush Balm is a treat for makeup brushes, designed to remove product build-up and ensure smooth application of cosmetics.

The fragrance-free solid balm is infused with coconut oil and shea butter to instantly dissolve makeup, keeping your brushes beautifully soft and smooth.

Cleanse & Condition Brush Balm comes with a travel-friendly case and used regularly can help ensure flawless makeup application and extend the life of your brushes.

Pigmentation protection from Biologique Recherche



Biologique Recherche’s Lotion P50 PIGM 400 aims to target pigmentation and dull skin, purifying, exfoliating and brightening with a combination of active ingredients.

Poly-alpha-beta-hydroxy acids boosted in AHA eliminate dead cells and impurities, improving skin luminosity and radiance.

Wasabi extract is included to protect the epidermis against oxidative damage, smoothing and preventing the appearance of pigmented spots. Palmaria palmata extract lightens the skin and reduces melanin synthesis.

Travel from the vine with Caudalie



Caudalie’s limited edition, travel-sized version of the worldwide best-selling Grape Water aims to soothe, refresh and moisturise all skin types at any time of day.

The harvested grapes are pressed and distilled using a unique low-pressure process, with the water being isolated from the grape juice by evaporation and purified to enhance its potency.

This 100% organic liquid is then combined with a very small dose of pure red grape juice to achieve a formula that is ultra-moisturising and instantly absorbed by the skin, so there is no need to blot after use.

Thalgo's Zanzibar Stopover Rituals



Inspired by the eponymous tropical island and celebrating the natural riches and ancestral rites of Africa, Thalgo’s professional Zanzibar Stopover Rituals feature scents and textures to stimulate the five senses.

Three new treatments first combine elements of massage and foot rituals before moving on to a targeted procedure: Marine Salt Crystal Scrub Ritual features a gentle body exfoliation utilising the newly launched product of the same name; Destination Paradise Facial Ritual combines signature treatments, massage and a mask to relax the mind and revitalise the skin, concluding with an application of the new Silky Hydrating Cream; Destination Paradise Body Ritual is based on traditional African massage techniques to soothe and rebalance the mind and body. Silky Hydrating Body Milk is the retail partner for this treatment.

Pollution protection from Darphin



Darphin’s new pollution detox regime for sensitive skin includes its Intral Air Mousse Cleanser and Intral Environmental Lightweight Shield SPF 50.

Formulated with gentle botanicals including coconut, chamomile and hawthorn, Intral Air Mousse Cleanser transforms from a liquid to an air mousse, delicately lifting away impurities and pollution. Its creamy, rich texture is free of propellants and leaves the skin feeling smooth and noticeably softer.

Intral Environmental Lightweight Shield SPF 50 further helps to protect skin from pollution, including the delicate eye area. With a gentle blend of 100% mineral UVA/UVB filters, this sheer, nude-toned fluid disappears on contact with the skin.

Iceland’s Bioeffect makes UK debut



Multi-award-winning Icelandic skincare brand Bioeffect has launched in to the UK spa market with a partnership at Hartwell House & Spa in Aylesbury.

Previously only available in the UK via retailers in London and online, Bioeffect plans to grow its professional presence at high-end spas through its signature treatments and newly launched PRO product line: a seven-piece, professional-use product collection that is used to deliver the signature EGF Facial.

This treatment delivers epidermal growth factor signals to targeted cells in the skin, improving the skin’s thickness, density, texture and firmness through increased collagen production. The results are improved appearance of skin, fresh radiance and a youthful glow.

ESPA's night delight



Designed to replenish and revitalise tired skin overnight, ESPA’s Tri-Active Advanced Night Booster is an intensive beauty treatment enriched with powerful plant cells from the ‘Four o’clock Flower’ as well as caffeine to boost skin renewal.

Canola oil calms, soothes and protects, while winged kelp strengthens the skin’s moisture barrier. Extract of bidens pilosa, a natural source of bio-retinol, further improves texture and reduces the appearance of fine lines without irritation.

Tri-Active Advanced Night Booster can be mixed into a moisturiser or serum and used each evening or applied neat, once a week, as a nourishing skin treat.

All that glitters is Lecenté



Sweet Squared adds some sparkle to spa manicures this spring with 12 brand new, dazzling glitters from Lecenté. The high quality additions, designed to produce a dramatic, shimmering finish, can be used to create elegant full coverage designs or incorporated into nail art to add a touch of bling to any look. The new collection comprises six shimmering Glimenté, four super-shiny Chromes and two radiant Holographics. From Juniper Holographic through to Rose Gold Chrome, these dramatic glitters and powders can be paired with CND Shellac to create the ultimate ‘rock star’ nails.

[comfort zone] promises daily greatness



Promising great skin every day, [comfort zone] has launched a reformulated Essential skincare range. Conceived for every skin type, the collection includes Betaine, a natural osmolyte extracted from sugar beets, which maintains the skin’s natural hydrophilic film and protects against the environment.

Three different cleansers, designed to suit a variety of daily habits, include: Milk Cleanser, Face Wash, and Micellar Water, plus an alcohol-free Toner. For weekly regeneration, a silica-based Essential Scrub features pure silica particles and jojoba spheres, while the Essential Peeling Mask is formulated with bromelain for a gentle enzymatic action.

Shared Beauty Secrets unveils Kokolokahi range



The debut Kokolokahi spa product range from Shared Beauty Secrets features five enchanting massage oils designed to personalise Lava treatments or Swedish massage.

The name Kokolokahi originates from Hawaii – ‘Koko’ referring to coconut, which forms the base of every oil, and ‘Lokahi’, meaning to unite nature and provide balance.

The five oils include: ‘Strength’, with warm oils of frangipani, patchouli and sandalwood to relieve stress and promote calm; ‘Revive’, with grapefruit, geranium and lavender to enhance clarity and mood; rejuvenating ‘Serenity’, with rosewood, bergamot and Alpine lavender; ‘Balance’ to nourish, moisturise and condition the skin; and ‘Harmony’ to boost body and mind with juniper, neroli, jasmine and ylang ylang.

Murad's retinol revival



Fast-acting Retinol Youth Renewal Serum incorporates Dr. Murad’s exclusive Retinol Tri-Active Technology to deliver quick results without irritation or downtime.

Visibly minimising lines and wrinkles while firming and evening out skin tone, Time-Released Retinol is encapsulated in a lipid shell that slowly melts onto the skin to deliver sustained levels throughout the day.

The formula is enhanced by retinol boosting swertia flower extract, and hyaluronic acid spheres to leave the skin plump, hydrated and smooth.

A clean sweep with Sundari



Sundari’s Make-up Remover Balm features a triple-action, nurturing formula that removes mineral, water and oil-based foundation, mascara and lipstick.

Formulated with nourishing walnut seed oil and shea and mango butter to care and protect while thoroughly cleansing the skin, the balm is suitable for use on the face, eyes and lips.

The natural oils nurture the skin while the softly scented, paraben, silicone, mineral oil and phthalate-free balm melts to remove makeup with ease.

Ytsara's rainforest rituals



To relieve stiff and sore muscles, Ytsara’s Fit Body Soak is a warming bath treat formulated with Rainforest Clove, an ingredient unique to the Indonesian islands that is renowned for its analgesic properties that soothe bruises, muscle tightness, aches and pains.

Also featuring oils of tangerine, pink grapefruit and rosemary to infuse healing elements that help to detoxify the muscles and relieve soreness, the soak’s base oil of rice brand, sweet almond, soy and wheat germ supports healthy skin, reduces inflammation and provides hydration.

Elemental Herbology's signature treatment at The Royal Crescent Hotel



A trio of results is achieved by Elemental Herbology’s new signature therapy at The Royal Crescent Hotel in Bath, UK, as it targets the back, face and scalp. Incorporating deep cleansing, exfoliation, detoxification, lymphatic massage and nourishment, the treatment replenishes the skin providing immediate and long-lasting results.

The ritual begins with a superfood exfoliation before a luxurious aromatherapy massage with a customised essential oil infusion. This is combined with heated stones and skilful therapeutic techniques to result in a memorable back massage experience.

A bespoke Five Elements facial follows, tailored to address the key underlying needs of the skin at the time. Combining healing botanicals, vitamins and marine extracts, it feeds, nourishes and restores equilibrium, leaving the skin radiant and healthy.

An instant glow with Natura Bissé



Natura Bissé has developed Diamond Instant Glow, an express mini-lift that transforms skin, leaving it smooth, luminous and firm in just ten minutes.

Diamond Instant Glow includes three different ampoules that exfoliate, brighten and lift, providing professional results at home. Natura Bissé’s iconic ‘Peel’, provides gentle, effectiveexfoliation with glycolic acid and an alpha hydroxy acid complex. Eliminating dead cells from the surface of skin, it results in a smooth, even-toned and lifted appearance.

The brand’s ‘Radiance’ hydrates the skin, restoring elasticity and comfort after exfoliation with carob extract, niacinamide, sensorphine and aloe vera, while ‘Lift’ creates a tightening layer that gives skin an instant, lasting micro-lift that noticeably improves skin texture and softens expression lines while preserving hydration. It also includes soy proteins and edelweiss to provide an overall revitalising, antioxidant action.

Jessica's bridal beauties



Jessica has launched a new bridal collection in time for the wedding season.

Glowing with Love blends a touch of glitter with pearlescent shades to create a range that will ensure every bride shines on her special day.

The shades include: The Romance, a peachy pearl blush; The Proposal, a sheer white glitter; The Engagement, a sparkling silver glitter; The Prenup, a pale gold pearlescent; The Wedding, a soft white tulle pearlescent; and The Vows, a pastel pink pearlescent. The Engagement, The Prenup and The Vows are also available in GELeration Soak-off Gel Polish.

“A woman feels her most beautiful when she’s in love and having nails that twinkle and shine only add to that happiness,” says Jessica Vartoughian, founder and CEO of Jessica. “Our bridal collection this year is a celebration of every woman’s heart, when it begins to beat a little faster after falling in love.”

SHA Rejuvenation Programme for Men



Responding to the increasing demands of male spa clients, SHA Wellness has launched a targeted programme that adopts a hi-tech approach to anti-ageing.

The SHA Rejuvenation Programme for Men includes hair strengthening, hair-loss prevention and skin rejuvenation after shaving, pollution and sun damage.

The one-day programme includes: two mesopeel sessions to revive the skin utilising glycolic peeling, mesotherapy enhanced with a vitamin cocktail, and two mesotherapy sessions to encourage hair strengthening or an anti-hair loss treatment. The latter stimulates collagen and elastin production with multiple injections of advanced formulations, plant extracts and vitamins into the skin. Guests enjoy access to SHA’s award-winning spa, hydrotherapy circuits and rooftop infinity pool as well as a free timetable of classes and talks.

Shocked by the power of Germaine de Capuccini



Designed to treat specific skin problems quickly, Germaine de Capuccini’s Shock Fluids are intensive treatments that easily penetrate the skin to provide immediate effects and long-term benefits.

Tackling issues related to pollution, stress and sun damage, the mini amouples offer a 10-day course of fluids to treat, protect and perfect.

‘Stop Pollution’ detoxifies and defends skin that has been damaged by environmental agressors, through the use of L-Carnosine, peach skin and hyaluronic acid.

‘Photo-aged Recovery’ repairs sun-damaged skin with niacinamide, folic acid and soya extract, while ‘SOS Stressage’ soothes irritated skin and reduces chronic reactions with niacinamide and life-cytoxygen.


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